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Custom-Made Abaya Have Come a Long Way

Around four thousand years ago, during the reign of the Mesopotamian Empire and later in the seventh century the Islamic religion enforced rules on the dressing traditions of its women. They began by enforcing a strict dress code for their women to follow which is present even in today’s society. Initially women were made to wear only the traditional plain black custom-made Abaya robe. A long sleeve robe or dress that had to be worn whenever they decided to step out of their homes. The Abaya covers the entire body except the face, hands and feet. The Abaya is coupled with a Niqab which covers the face and some styles of the modern day version leave the eyes open.In theory the Islam Shari’a law states that women need to cover themselves in the presence of men who could be their future husbands. So it can be interpreted that women do not have to wear an exclusive Dubai Abaya in front of their family or younger men and other women. It can be noted the Islamic women of today are free to choose a range of colors and have designs on their garments. Hence it can be said that Abaya’s of the olden days have come a long way.Today with the coming of the internet Islamic women have been given the liberation to find these garments on one of the many online boutiques dealing in Abaya’s. If you were to go online and look for an Abaya there would be a range of factors to consider. Since most online dealers in a custom-made Abaya permit their previous customers to review their site. It is ideal to go through these comments. From these details you will be able to assess the websites credibility and decide whether or not you may benefit by doing business with the website. Also you will be able to identify if the displayed pictures are accurate in size and color.The height of the Saudi Arabia Abaya is not usually the problem. The Abaya is obtainable in a range of sizes they vary from fifty two to fifty four and from fifty six to fifty eight. So a woman can easily find her size of the traditional Islamic Abaya. It is important to note that acquiring a custom-made Abaya that is too loose can cause problems and make you feel uncomfortable to wear it. Since most of these online websites will have an exact measurement of the garment it is imperative to measure your Abaya at home and compare it with the online size. This will help choose an Abaya of the correct size.Now-a-days with the range of Abaya’s attainable online. You can choose from an assorted selection. So besides the traditional black you can find colors that vary from the white rose to pink blossom. Alternatively a person can stick with the traditional black and go for the unique embroidery. This is done with beads or a woven sequence at the borders of the sleeve and garment. So browse through the various websites on the internet to find you custom-made Abaya which is tailored just for you.

How the Stop Online Piracy Act Threatens the Web for Ever

At the behest of the entertainment industry, the United States Congress is currently considering two bills that are aimed at stopping online piracy but which will kill the internet as we know it in the attempt. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House of Representatives, and the similar Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) in the Senate, are likely to be voted on early in 2012. Anyone who values the freedom of expression that the internet has given us must do everything within their power to prevent these bills from becoming law.What Is SOPA?SOPA grants new and sweeping powers to both the government and the entertainment industry corporations. The industry is desperate to prevent foreign websites from distributing its precious creations without paying the royalties they believe they deserve under U.S. copyright law. In order to prevent offending sites from operating, SOPA empowers the Department of Justice to force U.S.-based internet service providers (ISPs) to block the reported sites. Search engines can be commanded to stop linking to them. And, as if the threat of enforcement wasn’t enough to get webmasters’ attention, sites that feature any copyrighted material can be shut off from payment processors like PayPal or the advertising networks that provide revenue. In many cases, a mere allegation from a corporate complainer will be enough to trigger punitive measures against websites – here or abroad – and an entire site can be shut down when only one page contains an inadvertent link or item of copyrighted material.How SOPA Threatens the InternetThe first problem with SOPA is that it is doomed to fail before it even enters the statute books. The technical mechanism envisioned by the bill’s drafters involves interruptions to the domain name server (DNS) system, so that surfers entering an offending website address into their browser will not be taken there. But there is an easy way to sidestep this block by simply entering the numeric IP address of the site. Interfering with DNS, apart from being pointless, also threatens the integrity and security of the internet, particularly with regard to encrypted communication.The heavy-handed snooping that will be required of ISPs and search engines has horrifying privacy implications. ISPs will almost inevitably have to engage in "deep-packet inspection" to watch everything that web surfers do online in order to be able to comply with the ordered blockade.Content-sharing sites like Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter face an uncertain future, and will likely not be able to function at all. But the larger issue here is the devastating impact on free speech itself, as the hitherto unrestrained discussion in which we have all been able to join will be stifled by constant fears of injunctions and economic sanctions. The constitutional issues guarantee that SOPA will be tied up in the courts for years, but we should never be thinking about passing such a law in the first place. There are ways to protect copyrights without destroying the internet in the process. One of the alternatives, known as the OPEN Act, has been introduced in the House and deserves more attention.